Joy AKA Sunshine in my Sole

Joy is a very different feeling to happiness. It's deeper and somehow comes from a more satisfying place. It is also more elusive as it's often eclipsed by stress and fast life. Joy is an inner feeling, an attitude, a belief. It's temporary but powerful, it's momentary but somehow leaves a permanent mark.

It may be fleeting but it feeds us on a deep level in a most nutritious way.

The joy of making someone we love to laugh, the joy of watching a baby smile for the first time, the joy in walking around the garden and seeing the buds of spring, the joy of sun on our face and warming up after feeling cold.

Why is it different from happiness? Joy comes from a place of love of self, knowledge of self, and a sense of peace with one's self.

It’s because its origin is the love of self, we can find so many different levels of joy. From nature, people… a word, a scene, a melody, a scent. 

Joy promotes good physical and mental health, it gives us a platform to feel fulfilled and satisfied. We can be creative and see the opportunity in front of us. If we understand joy, we have the ability to pace ourselves, slow down, and feel.

It is a mature decision to feel joy despite all the pain and sorrow around us and has nothing to do with denying the truth and all the difficulties… it means we have the ability to see the light shining through the gaps. Every time we see the light, it means we are choosing at that moment to have faith, to believe, to elevate.

I believe that when we have perspective when we are humble, grateful, and compassionate, we allow ourselves to enter the possibility of joy.


Claudia D,

Psychologist @sockshh

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