shh! it's
our formula

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No peepage
Won't peek out to see what's going on around them. They'll stay put and do their job like it's nobody's business.
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Winner material
We walk the earth to find top dollar materials, including the softest, responsibly-sourced combed cotton.
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sockshh ratio
We created a next-level material composition to ensure sockshh fit like a dream, last long, feel awesome, and don't shrink or fade.
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Slip Not
Won't let you down by slipping down because we apply a special pattern of silicon strips on the back of the heel to stop slippage.
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Fit for royalty
sockshh come in two size options, with the perfect amount of stretch to fit your foot firmly, without strangling it.
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Strong as
No peep shows! sockshh won't wear out on the heel or toe - they're reinforced with extra cushioning in all the right places.
Intelligently designed and woven from a splendid blend of carefully curated materials.